Wardrobe Essentials: The Little Black Dress

Anne Klein Dress Belted Sheath - Nordstrom

Nicole Miller Satin Dress The little black dress is an essential piece in every woman’s wardrobe. It can be worn just about anywhere, from a cocktail party to a museum opening to night club. If you select a versatile black dress, you can alter its look completely by changing your accessories. You can go from […]

Monoi Oil Makes You Silky Smooth

Tahiti Sweetie Monoi Oil from Bath & Body Works We all crave super soft baby skin, but unfortunately, we rarely achieve it. There are so many products on the market today, but it often feels like none are really working. To the beauty rescue comes monoi oil, a centuries-old product that has been used for […]

Rachel Weisz Looks Classic in Black and White

Rachel Weisz

Looks to us like Rachel Weisz is getting her holiday freak on…and she’s doing it beautifully. In this classic sheath from designer Narciso Rodriguez, Weisz hits the Hollywood premier of her new movie Fred Claus in this black and white beauty. Now it’s no secret that we love the sophistication and simplicity of these color […]

Jewel Tone Shoes from Nine West

Abe - Nine West

Another trend this fall are jewel tone shoes and accessories. Vibrant colors, such as sapphire blue, ruby red and emerald green, as well as fuschia, purples and plums, are very popular.

Boys of Summer: 12 Sexiest Summer Movie Stars


The return of sun dresses and sandals signals the return of the summer blockbuster. The summer blockbuster was officially born with the release of Jaws in 1975. Over the years, blockbusters came to mean special effects, violence and a lot of cool stunts. Guy films. But the thing about guy films is, they usually have […]

How to Buy Shoes Online


You can buy the world’s chicest shoe, the priciest shoe or the sexiest shoe in the universe, but it won’t do you any good whatsoever if it doesn’t fit. So the first thing you should know before buying shoes online is your size. Now, if like me, you can’t pass a shoe department without at […]

Celebrity Baby Names: 13 Unlucky Kids

Zappa Kids

Max and Emme Anthony Max and Emme Anthony. Nice names. And a little disappointing for scholars of celebrity baby names. Who woulda thought Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony would go for normal? There are many advantages to being the child of a celebrity: Wealth, good-looking genes, hobnobbing with famous people. But being the child of […]

Top 12 Types of Women’s Shoes


When building your wardrobe, some articles of clothing are essentials, while others are luxuries. If you are trying to establish a wardrobe that is suitable for the office, nights out on the town and weekends at home relaxing, you will need a pair of shoes from each of these essential shoe styles. These are my […]

Out of the Week: Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell If you’re going to be fashion inspired by a spice girl, how about shoot for a Ginger look rather than the ubiquitous Posh? Geri Halliwell recently appeared at the Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction Awards in London in a classy and sassy ensemble that boasts so much more appeal than her former singing […]

Trying On A Tankini

Tiger Print Tankini

A tiger print tankini from Victoria’s Secret 2008 tankini collection/ What was once an unsexy alternative to a bikini, the tankini has become one of the most popular beach choices for women with style. Allowing you to show off your sexy curves while disguising some of your least-favorite areas, the tankini is at once fashionable […]

Buy A Purse, Help Panamanian Marine Life

The Panamanian Rain Forest A purse can mean so many things — fashion statement, stylish accessory, social status symbol — and now, it can help you save the environment. And while that may sound completely unfashionable, buying one of Heather Rose’s eco-friendly handbags will provide you with a perfect accessory and talking point wherever you […]

Classic Style: The Wrap Dress

wrap dress

In 1972, fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg introduced the wrap dress and it was quickly adopted by everyone from housewives to celebrities. The cotton jersey dress wrapped in the front and tied at the waist. It was flattering to almost every figure and easily dripped dry. Diane von Furstenberg had created something comfortable, practical and […]

Picking the Perfect Handbag(s)

Coach Signature Floral Stripe Large Shoulder Bag When you’re on the run, it’s not easy to coordinate your every accessory, but with a few closet basics, every woman knows that she has classic pieces that will serve her in any situation. Of course, one of our most important and ever-present fashion pieces has long been […]