Holiday party glamour

Betsey Johnson Dress

If you are attending a holiday party this season and want to look your best, the little black dress is your best option. The little black dress should be a mainstay in your party wardrobe. Fabrics that work well are velvet, satin and even jersey knits. If the party is an office party, skip the […]

Spring 2008 Shock Value Shoes

Brian Atwood Pump

Have you checked out the Spring 2008 Ready-to-Wear accessory reports at You really must! Here you will find a variety of shoes, handbags and accessories from the top designers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the shoes you will find there. Some are cute. Some are ugly. Some are eccentric. And then […]

Gladiator Sandals – Are You Sick of Them Yet?

Mia Godiva Sandal

Mia Godiva Gladiator Sandal Everybody is wearing gladiator sandals. From celebrities on the red carpet to average Janes like me and you. Though, I have never been thrilled with the flat gladiator sandals, in recent months I’ve grown to love some of the high heel gladiator-inspired sandals. Here are a few of my personal favorites, […]

Steamy: The sexiest pinups of the 1950s

Betty Grable

Technically, the term pin up didn’t exist until 1941, but men have been pinning up pictures of beautiful women torn from magazines and advertisements since the Gibson Girl—Charles Dana Gibson’s illustrations of ideal American womanhood circa 1900. Photography and the subsequent rise of the movie industry gave rise to a whole new crop of real […]

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is Getting Spicy

Spice Girls

Just in case the annually-televised Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was not spicy enough on its own, this year things get even hotter. Why? Because the Spice Girls are set to perform, that’s why. That’s right, what better place to launch the reunion of everyone’s favorite chick group from across the pond than at an underwear […]

Sarongs: Versatile Beach Coverup

Purple Sarong The sarong may go by many names — in Hawaii it’s called a pareo and in India, a lunghee — but its popularity eclipses the world. Found in the stores of nearly every beach town and decorated the walls and bodies of eclectic travelers and creative souls, the sarong is one of beachgoers’ […]

Summer Skincare Routine

With all the heat and humidity in the summer, you need to change your beauty routine to keep your skin looking its best. Always use sunscreen. Whenever you are going to be out in the sun for an significant period of time, always use sunscreen. Don’t bake in the sun at tanning salons or at […]

Hot or Not: Shirts With Bows

You have your eye on fashion, so you’ve likely seen them all over the place: shirts, both casual and formal, embellished by big, sometimes floppy bows. The question is, are these fashion hip, or a big fashion flop? The answer, as usual, lies in your personal style. Bows can add feminine flavor to a shirt, […]

From bags to riches: Purse rentals

A woman’s handbag speaks volumes about her personality. Unfortunately, many women have multiple personalities when it comes to handbags, which can be a rather pricey disorder. If you find you can’t afford a $2k handbag every time one catches your fancy, try Bag Borrow or Steal, the place where you can rent the purse of […]

Floral Sandals for Summer


Beverly Feldman Wanted Floral Sandal Floral sandals are very trendy this season. Whether you are talking about floral prints, floral appliques or jeweled floral embellishments, you will find flowers everywhere. Floral sandals are feminine shoes that are versatile enough that they can be worn for a variety of occasions. Here are a couple of my […]

Celebrity Baby Names: 13 Unlucky Kids

Zappa Kids

Max and Emme Anthony Max and Emme Anthony. Nice names. And a little disappointing for scholars of celebrity baby names. Who woulda thought Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony would go for normal? There are many advantages to being the child of a celebrity: Wealth, good-looking genes, hobnobbing with famous people. But being the child of […]

Fall Trends: The Pea Coat

Pea Coat

When you are shopping for clothes, look for pieces that are not only stylish and trendy, but also durable and versatile. One classic piece that every woman should have in her fall wardrobe is a pea coat. These classic coats are defined by their double-breasted fronts and broad lapels. And though these types of coats […]