First Lady of France Wears Birthday Suit for GQ

Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni the current first lady of France recently posed naked for GQ Magazine I see London I see France I see Carla Bruni forgot her Underpants! You’ve gotta love the French people, not many other countries would tolerate the First Lady in the buff in a Men’s Magazine. Admitedly you probably can’t think of […]

Steamy: The sexiest pinups of the 1950s

Betty Grable

Technically, the term pin up didn’t exist until 1941, but men have been pinning up pictures of beautiful women torn from magazines and advertisements since the Gibson Girl—Charles Dana Gibson’s illustrations of ideal American womanhood circa 1900. Photography and the subsequent rise of the movie industry gave rise to a whole new crop of real […]

How to Buy and Wear Stilettos

Alexander McQueen ankle straps

Strictly speaking, stilettos, named after the long skinny knives, are skinny heels three inches and over, although many people use the term stilettos and high heels interchangeably. Also known as spiked heels, stilettos are the most challenging shoes to walk in because the heels are so delicate. The rules for buying heels are the same […]

Buying the Shoe Trends

BCBG Iggy Bright Orange/Black Patent Dress Shoes So the latest trend in shoes is bright patent finishes. The patent look has been popular for spring shoes for a couple of years but the added touch this year which gives it more eye popping appeal is the bright colors. I love this trend and just picked […]

Walk on the Wild Side in Leopard Pumps

Annie Garnet Leopard Pump

One of the hottest fashion items this season continues to be the leopard print pump. Leopard print is something that should be worn sparingly – a nice leopard print shoe, handbag or top is great. Wearing leopard from head to toe isn’t! Here are a few of my favorite leopard print pumps. Annie Garnet Leopard […]

Holiday party glamour

Betsey Johnson Dress

If you are attending a holiday party this season and want to look your best, the little black dress is your best option. The little black dress should be a mainstay in your party wardrobe. Fabrics that work well are velvet, satin and even jersey knits. If the party is an office party, skip the […]

Fashion Challenge: Find a Bra That Fits


Today, there seems to be more types of bras available than women to fill them, so it’s not hard to understand why so many women wear a bra that doesn’t fit them. In fact, 80% of women wear the wrong size bra, causing discomfort, back problems, and a host of other issues that can easily […]

From bags to riches: Purse rentals

A woman’s handbag speaks volumes about her personality. Unfortunately, many women have multiple personalities when it comes to handbags, which can be a rather pricey disorder. If you find you can’t afford a $2k handbag every time one catches your fancy, try Bag Borrow or Steal, the place where you can rent the purse of […]

Chunky Colorful Jewelry

Dichroic Glass Link Bracelet

Chunky, colorful jewelry is big this season. While fashions might be tending toward greys, browns and other muted colors, jewelry and accessories in bold colors provide the perfect complement. If you are looking for a bright pendants, bracelets and other jewelry, Fire & Ice, Inc. features an array of interesting jewelry made from gemstones and […]

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is Getting Spicy

Spice Girls

Just in case the annually-televised Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was not spicy enough on its own, this year things get even hotter. Why? Because the Spice Girls are set to perform, that’s why. That’s right, what better place to launch the reunion of everyone’s favorite chick group from across the pond than at an underwear […]

Embellished cuff bracelets

Copper Cuff Bracelet

Even the simplest outfit can be livened up with the proper jewelry. This season, play up your gray, chocolate and other neutral ensembles with beautiful cuff bracelets. An elaborate cuff bracelet makes a statement, which is sure to spark a topic of conversation. Here are a few of my favorite choices for fall in a […]

Choose Sunglasses That Last

Chanel brown and gold frame sunglasses. Choosing a pair of sunglasses seems easy: go with the season’s trends, pick a style that makes you feel cool, and shell out a few bucks for a pair that will last a few months. But sunglasses, as with the best of accessories, are sometimes better as a bigger […]